TissueLyser Bead Cleanup

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In general, collect beads in 50mL tube with demi-water and keep them there until cleaning is needed.


  • Remove water
  • Add fresh 25 mL demi-water
  • Vortex for several seconds
  • Pour off water (collect water for proper disposal; assume liquid contains GMO)
  • If beads are not clean, wipe beads clean with tissue paper
  • Add 20mL 0.1M NaOH in MilliQ (for RNAse free beads, add [DEPC])
  • Incubate overnight
  • Pour out solution
  • Wash beads with MilliQ (DEPC treated MilliQ for RNAse free) and pour out solution after each step.
  • Transfer beads to sterile Petri dish and let dry in incubator (ON at 32°C or 37°C should be enough time)
  • Store in clean tube