There is plenty of opportunity to do a research project, IRT1, IRT2, IRT3, or a Bachelor or Master thesis with me. If you’re interested, just contact me and we can discuss what could be the possibilities. Have a look at the Research page to see the topics we’re working on.


I am currently involved in the teaching of these courses:


  • Grundlagen der Ökologie, Verhaltensbiologie und Evolutionsbiologie – Vorlesungen & Übungen (Biology Bachelor)
  • Schwerpunkt: Evolutionsbiologie – Vorlesungen & Übungen (Biology Bachelor)
  • Molekularbiologie und Biochemie für Bioinformatiker (Bioinformatics Bachelor) (link)


  • Seminar and Discussion Course “Evolution of sex, sexes and sex determination systems” (EES Master)

Previous courses

  • Ökologie, Verhalten und Evolution für das Lehramt
  • Evolutionsbiologie 1 (Bachelor)
  • Evolutionsbiologie 2 (Bachelor)
  • Grant writing: Writing successful science proposals (EES Master)
  • Seminar: Introduction to Population genetics and coalescent theory (EES Master)