YES - Yeast Extract Supplemented

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Yeast Extract Supplemented (YES or YEA with the A for Additives)

This is a rich medium used for optimal growth of cells.
As the content of Yeast Extract and CAS can differ between batches, growth can potentially be affected by ingredients and thus this type of ‘complex’ medium is not preferred for experimental evolution etc.
Note that YES contains thiamine and hence will repress the nmt1 promotor (e.g. used in the fluorescent strains). For these strains use EMM.
Supplements are available in stock solution in the cupboards near the S2 hood.

Ingredient Amount/ liter ddH2O
Yeast extract 5 g
CAS amino acids 2 g
D-Glucose 30 g (50 ml of 60% Glucose solution)
Adenine 100mg (10ml stock)
L-leucine 225 mg (10ml stock)
Histidine 225 mg (10ml stock)
Uracil 225 mg (10ml stock)

For solid medium add 20g/L agar(2%)

Sterilize by autoclaving for 15min at 121°C. Glucose can be added before autoclaving.