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Some online resources very useful for our research

  • - database for pombe: "...providing structural and functional annotation, literature curation and access to large-scale data sets..."
  • pombe-BLAST - blast/blat within the pombe genome at EnsemblFungi
  • - Very useful online tools for molecular biology with possibility for cooperative projects, primer design, cloning strategies, online restriction digestions.
  • PombeNet - Website of the Forsburg lab at USC Los Angeles
  • S. pombe resources - S. pombe resources at the The Keogh Lab
  • Bähler lab - at UCL online tools for design of sgRNAs and primers required for deletions using CRISPR/Cas9 and for the design of primers for PCR-based gene targeting specifically for S. pombe
  • Yeast stock center - National BioResource Project for Yeast in Osaka, Japan
  • Mating type switching - Really good basic overview of mating type switching at the Nielsen lab in University of Copenhagen