Grow mycelia for DNA extractions

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For mycelia, DNA extractions are more difficult than for yeast cells, because we need to:

  • grow the mycelium
  • harvest the mycelium
  • freeze dry the mycelium
  • break the mycelium before lysis is performed

Grow mycelium for harvesting

Mycelium need to be grown on appropriate medium, for Schizophyllum commune, use Modified Schizophyllum Minimal Medium and for Neurospora use standard complex medium

Grow in liquid

To get a large amount of mycelium, one needs to inoculate a volume of liquid medium (~150ml) with enough inoculum.

For conidiating species such as Aspergillus of Neurospora, this is easy, just collect some conidia in sterile water with tween and add them to the medium.

Grow on plate

To grow mycelium on plate we need to be able to separate the fungus from the agar. For this we use a membrane between