Filter sterilize

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Use filter sterilization if heat sterilization by autoclave is not possible.

Essential when making stock solutions for antibiotics and other heat sensitive compounds.

For small volumes:

  • Suck up the to be sterilized liquid into a syringe
  • Attach the appropriate disk filter
  • Prepare a sterile container/tube/bottle to collect the liquid in
  • Press the liquid through
    • Wear eye protection as the filter might shoot of if too much pressure is applied (also: don't apply too much pressure)
    • The filter might get clogged when large volumes or very 'dirty' liquid is filtered. Again, be careful not too apply too much pressure when this happens. Better to change to a new filter and only then continue filtering.
  • Aliquot when needed

For large volumes:

  • Take a sterile bottle
  • Attach a cup filter on the top of the bottle
  • Connect the filter to the vacuum tap on the bench next to the waterbath
  • Fill the cup with the to be filtered liquid
  • Open the tap. The liquid will now be sucked through the filter. You can top up the cup during this time.
  • Wait for the liquid to be completely passed through the filter and close the bottle with a sterile cap.