EMM - Edinburgh Minimal Medium

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Edinburgh Minimal Medium (EMM, EMM2, or EMM Phthallate)

This is a synthetic defined minimal medium EMM2 is used for vegetative growth.
The medium is also used to screen strains for deficiencies and prototrophic markers.
We use this medium during the asexual phase of all our experimental evolution.
Furthermore, Edinburgh Minimal Media is a thiamine-free medium that does not suppress the nmt1 promoter.
The medium can be modified to a Mating medium by leaving out ammoniumchloride as a nitrogen source (EMM-N) or modified to PMG.

Ingredient Amount per liter
Potassium Hydrogen Phthallate 3.0 g
Na2HPO4.2H2O (or anhydrous) 2.76 g (2.2 g)
(NH4Cl) (5.0 g)
Salts Stock x50 20 ml
Vitamin Stock x1000 1.0 ml
Mineral Stock x10.000 0.1 ml
D-Glucose 20 g (or 33ml stock 60% w/v)

Sterilize by autoclaving for 15min at 121C.
Add 18.5 ml sterile ammonium chloride 5M (NH4Cl) after autoclaving the medium (this interacts with glucose and agar resulting in almost black medium).

Add supplements as required (225mg/L for most, 100mg/L for Adenine).
For solid medium add 2% Agar-agar (20g/L)