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Edinburgh Minimal Medium - low Nitrogen (EMMlowN)

Modification of EMM used for crosses and to test mating types, but richer than the other crossing medium EMM-N which allows for some growth and thus more asci. Like in most fungi, low nitrogen induces mating in pombe too.
Note that this is different from PMG which has much more Glutamic acid.

Ingredient Amount per liter
Potassium Hydrogen Phthallate 3.0 g
Na2HPO4.2H2O (or anhydrous) 2.76 g (2.2 g)
L-Glutamic acid monosodium salt hydrate (glutamate) 1.0 g
D-Glucose 20 g (2%)
Salts Stock x50 20 ml
Vitamin Stock x1000 1.0 ml
Mineral Stock x10.000 0.1 ml
Uracil 200 mg
Adenine 80 mg
Leucine 200 mg
Histidine 200 mg

For solid medium add 2% Agar-agar (20g/L) separately to each bottle (only dissolves during autoclaving).