EMM-N - Minimal Mating Medium

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Edinburgh Minimal Medium without Nitrogen (EMM-N)

This is a synthetic defined minimal medium used to induce mating or induce mating competence.
The medium is also used to create chemically competent cells for transformations.
It is identical to EMM, except for the omission of NH4Cl.
Note that due to complete lack of a nitrogen source this medium does not support growth. For most crosses it's better to use mating medium

Ingredient Amount per liter Amount per 800ml bottle
Potassium Hydrogen Phthallate 3.0 g 2.4 g
Na2HPO4.2H2O (or anhydrous) 2.76 g (2.2 g) 2.2 g (1.76 g)
Salts Stock x50 20 ml 16 ml
Vitamin Stock x1000 1.0 ml 0.8 ml
Mineral Stock x10.000 0.1 ml 80 µl
Glucose 20 g 16 g

Add supplements as required (225mg/L for most, 100mg/L for Adenine).
However, be aware that adding too many supplements might affect mating efficiency as these supp can act as N-source.
For solid medium add 2% Agar-agar (20g/L)