DNA concentration with the NanoDrop

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Measure DNA concentration using the NanoDrop. This is a fast and convenient way to measure DNA concentrations, though not very precise. For NextGen sequencing, use qubit or picogreen.

The Nanodrop is in Room C01.043 ('post-PCR').

As the old computer is not connected to the internet or a printer, best to bring pen and paper to write down the concentrations. Also best to bring your own p2 or p10 pipette.

  • Login with peru
  • open the Nano 1000 software
  • follow the instructions (load H2O, close lever and measure)
  • load 1-2ul of a blank samples (use the same medium as you used to elute your sample) and press 'blank'
  • clean the sample surface and the lever with a Kimwipe
  • load 1-2 ul of your sample
  • click the 'measure' button
  • clean surface and repeat...

Don't forget to clean up after yourself